The Sewing Starts!

I have always been attracted to fabrics – often buying them without any idea of what to do with them.  I once recovered the fabric cabinets of my state agency cubicle.  That got some stares 🙂   All roads were pointing to sewing, but I just never tried it.  Early in my schooling, I chose other courses besides Home Economics.  As I grew older, the investment to just try the hobby seemed large – I needed to buy a sewing machine, supplies, and find a teacher.  And honestly, sewing seemed like an “old woman’s” hobby (more to come on this).  IMG_2503.JPGSo, at the age of 41, I casually told my crafty neighbor that I wish I could make quilts, and the next thing I know I have a sewing machine on my kitchen table!  Lori told me to obtain 3 yards of baby flannel fabric and she’d bring over the rest.  She loaned me a basic Singer machine, cutting pad, and a rotary cutter and offered great instruction.

I started with a baby flannel rag quilt, purchasing fabrics from  That was the most fun!  The herringbone fabric frayed more than I thought it would and that was a lesson learned, but overall the process was fantastic!


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