A Simple Sewing Project: Dishtowels

I get excited about new productive ways I can feed my sewing habit.  I found this project from Crazy Mom Quilts and fell in love.  One of the ways I will use this blog is to test out interesting “easy” projects posted by other bloggers and share them on here.

2018-05-09-15-13-00.jpgThese dishtowels are a great way to use small charm squares or other scrap fabric and the finished product makes great gifts.  I used restaurant-quality flour sack towels from Amazon.com.  You sew the 2 1/2″ squares together – it took about 14 across to cover the width of a towel.  Then sew one long side of your strip to the towel (right sides together). Press down and then press a small finished edge to the other side of your strip and then sew across.  Your finished product will show seams so be sure you use a coordinating color thread (or just white).  Then stitch over the first side of the strip so that you have seams showing on both top and bottom.  See detailed instructions on original blog post by Crazy Mom Quilts above.  It took me a few times to get comfortable with sewing the pressed edge of my strip.  I didn’t want to press too much material under because the squares would look like rectangles, but I also wanted to be sure the strip was securely fastened to the towel.

2018-05-09 15.13.242018-05-09 15.13.412018-03-03 15.31.22

I really enjoyed this project.  Ensuring straightness on a flour sack towel is kind of difficult so I gave up on perfection, but no one I’ve gifted these to has complained yet.  These towels do very well in the washer and dryer.  So far, I’ve only tried the cold/cold and warm/cold wash cycles and normal dryer cycles, but no distortion of fabric or coming apart.


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