More about the sewing part of this blog

I feel the need to be a bit more specific (for myself and others) on why I started this blog, especially related to all things sewing.  It is mainly for the following purposes:

  1. To provide ideas to other beginning quilters and sewing enthusiasts for fabric and pattern selection combinations as well as tips/tricks that I learn as I go along.  I just love picking out fabrics and then deciding what pattern to use and I continue to learn a lot from others.  I hope in this way, I can keep the good will going.
  2. To find a community.  I have only been to one sewing expo and one local store class, but at both events I felt like an odd duck.  Quilting came later in life for me (at 40) although it’s probably something I would have enjoyed long ago as well.  Instead, I went the academic route concentrating on degrees and my career.  My doctorate and law degree are still important to me and facilitate my teaching and research; however I find the creative side now equally important and fulfilling.  So, even though I started quilting at mid-life, I am the youngest in the quilting rooms I’ve entered and not on the retirement track.  Not that everyone needs to be the same as differences breed interest and fun, but I would like to meet some folks in similar situations. I did recently join the Modern Quilters Guild and look forward to their 2019 conference in Nashville.  Maybe that will help me find community.
  3. To keep a diary of my projects. I give away most of my work so this blog will hold me accountable for keeping a record of the successes and not-so-successful projects.

Thanks for reading along and I hope you are enjoying whatever creative pursuits you have going now!


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