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We hope you enjoy our website as we chronicle our creative endeavors and celebrate the imaginative side of life. At different points in mid-life, Jeff and I (Jennifer) are realizing that there is more to life than “getting ahead”.  There is much to celebrate in slowing down, being present, and following one’s bliss.  That can be easier said than done when all of your life you’ve been trying to be the fastest race horse. One’s definition of productivity must change and priorities must be shifted. We will take you with us on our journey.

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About Us

EZEDesignsCo was started by Jeff and Jennifer in 2017 after Jeff’s retirement from state government.  Trained as an accountant, he lead the state’s teachers retirement system.  Jeff has two daughters, Sarah and Jessica.  Jessica and her husband, Robert, are parents to the cutest baby, Adaline Dianne (Addie).  She is the love of our lives!!

I (Jennifer) have a law degree and a doctorate in higher education which I use to teach higher education law and school law to graduate students across the country.  I also worked for state government in several education agencies. Now, I am an adjunct professor, obsess over my granddaughter, and am learning how to quilt!  It’s funny that I have always been interested in fabric, even buying swatches not knowing what to do with them.  Well, actually, I once recovered my state-issued fabric cubicle panels, which upon reflection is a little weird.

I stumbled on sewing in 2016 when my neighbor, Lori, offered to teach me.  She brought over a sewing machine and the necessary supplies to get me going.  Since then, I bought a BabyLock Lyric and have been building my stash of fabrics.

Jeff has always been into woodworking, taking a long break while raising the girls and working at a demanding job.  In the past he built a wine rack, TV stand, and a large bookcase with cabinets.  After retirement, his first project was a kitchen island with a granite countertop.  He is now working on making barn doors for our new house!  He works from his woodshop in the basement.

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We are learning to stop and smell the flowers — in this case, a Plumeria branch from our family in Ft. Pierce, FL.
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